The Adventures of Curious Sheep

Adventures of Curious Sheep for May 15, 2005

Curious Sheep starts his day with Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee.

Curious Sheep starts another day searching for Irish Woolens in Las Vegas by eating a healthy meal of Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. He was going to look for Irish ruanas but decided, instead, to spend time studying statistics. He tested the laws of probability at a dollar a chance most of the morning. Finally after hitting the bonus round and winning $100.00, Curious decided it was time to go in search of Irish shawls.

Curious Sheep at a Lucky Irish slot machine Curious Sheep at the cashier getting his winnings

Venturing out of the casino, after all he does have to justify this trip somehow, Curious runs into a true celebrity. Tony the Tiger holding Curious Sheep Curious was lucky enough to meet his favorite cereal spokesperson, Tony the Tiger. Tony was just as down to earth and nice as a regular tiger, In fact he was much nicer than those other Las Vegas tigers that hang out with Siegfried and Roy.

Next week Curious finds something shocking in Las Vegas and tries to bring it to the attention of the press. Stay tuned.

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