The Adventures of Curious Sheep

Adventures of Curious Sheep for May 9, 2005

Fitzgeralds hotel and casino in Las Vegas

Curious Sheep,'s Director of Marketing, spent his first week on the job, like most marketers, going to Las Vegas. Curious decided the best place to find Irish woolens was at Fitzgeralds Casino and Hotel. Though he didn't see many Irish sweaters in Vegas, that didn't mean he didn't look. Curious searched the check-in desk, blackjack tables and even asked Carole at the Fitz Club if she could point him in the direction of Irish woolens but as friendly as they were, they couldn't help him. Check in next week for more of Curious Sheep's search for Irish Woolens in Las Vegas.

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check in at Fitzgeralds Hotel blackjack at Fitzgeralds Hotel Fitz Club at Fitzgeralds Hotel