The Adventures of Curious Sheep

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

blast Scandal in Las Vegas!! Curious is furious to find a slot machine whose "entertainment value" is BLOWING UP SHEEP. What kind of world is this when a tiny, innocent sheep is chased by missiles intent on blowing him to smithereens? It doesn't matter that this particular machine seemed to pay off well, the concept is just wrong! No wonder this place is called Sin City,

race for the cure Outside the casino, hundreds of women were running in the Susan Kohman Race For the Cure. Curious hopes all his readers support this good cause.

klas Who does Curious find out on Fremont Street but his old friends from Channel 8. Of course, these two news anchors couldn't wait to have their picture taken with our woolly friend.

tough night We didn't see much of Curious for the rest of the trip. Obviously he was working hard trying to find bargains on Irish caps and Connemara Perfume. He did gather some beads but he wouldn't say where he got them so they aren't offered at the store. His little adventure in Las Vegas is over. All he says when we ask him for details is "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Next year the boss is going to Vegas and Curious is staying in Oklahoma.

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