A Street in Letterkenny, Donegal

This is a street in Letterkenny, Donegal. The public library is the yellow building with a clock tower on the corner. We found the librarians there very helpful. Letterkenny is the county town of Donegal.

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A street in Letterkenny, Donegal. The view is down hill. On the left
are two buildings with clock towers. The second one is the Donegal County
Library and is painted yellow. In the distance is a green hillside. The
street is busy with many people walking and driving.

At one time, the Donegal County Library had some very nice essays on the history of County Donegal and the people that live there. Copies of these might still be found at an internet archive. http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.donegallibrary.ie/memory/* has a list of the pages archived as either html or pdf at various dates.

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