Kilclooney More Dolmen in County Donegal

This is Kilclooney More portal tomb in County Donegal, Ireland. These monuments are sometimes called Diarmuid and Grania's bed. Diarmuid was a man that no woman could resist. Grania fell in love with Diarmuid at a party for her betrothal to someone else and they ran away. While being pursued by an army, they made their bed on cold stone and so these stone monuments came to be called Diarmuid and Grania's bed. In fact, this one was built thousands of years before Diarmuid and Grania were born. It was built before the pyramids in Egypt. This photo was made July 8, 2005.

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Kilclooney More Dolmen in County Donegal. A rock the size of a small automobile has been placed on top of standing stones about 6000 years ago.

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Kilclooney More Dolmen July 8, 2005