Celtic High Cross at Drumcliff

This is the Celtic high cross at Drumcliff, Sligo, Ireland. The carvings on the cross are of Biblical scenes such as Adam and Eve and decorative motifs such as celtic knots. St. Colmcille (St. Columba) founded a monastery here. The round tower across the road and the high cross survive from the monastery. The round tower was built between 900 and 1200. The high cross may be from 1100. Columcille was born in 521 and moved to Iona in 563 and died in 597. I also had previously photographed this Celtic high cross in 2004. I also photographed the other side of this cross with Benbulben mountain in the background.

A celtic high cross carved from sandstone with celtic knots and images from the Bible. It is over 12 feet tall including the pedestal that it rests upon.

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Under bare Ben Bulben's head at Drumcliff, Sligo, Ireland, April 25, 2007