Ruined Cathedral at Ardfert

This is a ruined Cathedral in Ardfert, Kerry, Ireland. According to Heritage Ireland, This cathedral was built on the site of a Monastery founded by St. Brendan the Navigator.

The Heritage Ireland web page for Ardfert Cathedral says: retreived June21, 2021

A monastery was founded here by St. Brendan 'The Navigator' in the 6th century. There are three medieval churches, an ogham stone and a number of early Christian and medieval grave slabs on the site today. The earliest building is the cathedral which dates from the 12th to 17th centuries. It has a fine Romanesque west doorway, a magnificent 13th century east window and a spectacular row of nine lancets in the south wall. Two effigies of ecclesiastical figures of late 13th to early 14th century date are mounted on either side of the east window. The battlements were added in the 15th century. The pre-12th century block of masonry is clearly visible in the north wall. One of the two smaller churches is a fine example of late Romanesque and the other is a plain 15th century structure with an interesting carving of a wyvern on one of the windows.

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A ruined cathedral built of stone. There is no roof. There are tall narrow openings for windows in the walls.

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