How to Wear A Ruana

Traditional Cowl Neck Ruana

model wearing celtic cowl neck ruana Ruanas are a versatile garment that can be worn many ways. The traditional Irish way to wear a ruana is to throw both ends over your shoulders to form  a double cowl neck. The shoulder can easily be secured with a brooch.

Single Shoulder Cowl

Model wearing ruana over one shoulder Another elegant ruana look is formed by throwing one end over a shoulder and letting the other end hang loose.

Front Wrap Ruana

over one shoulder Turn the ruana so that the tag is centered over one shoulder. The long end is then draped over the opposite arm. A brooch easily secures the long end.

Ruana as a skirt

model wearing ruana as a skirt You can wrap the ruana around your waist and wear it as a skirt. For this look, you really need a brooch or something to secure the ends.

A Belted Ruana

model wearing ruana with a belt Ruanas can be worn as a belted wrap. Simply place the belt around your waist but under the back of the ruana and fasten in front.

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Photos by John Moyer