Slea Head Scenic Drive Collapse in County Kerry

The cliff collapsed into the ocean on April 8, 2007. I took this photo on April 29. The temporary road was open by April 13. This happened so quickly because of the importance of the road to tourism.

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A sign depicts a person falling from a cliff as a warning not to go too close to the edge.
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had the story, but now the link is broken. Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tonnes of earth, clay, shale and rock fell from the underside of the road, on the Slea Head side of Dunquin, close to the local cemetery, at about 7pm on Sunday.

A tourist taking pictures at the site had a lucky escape when part of the cliff face fell away and caused four long cracks on the road.

Local boat skippers operating from the nearby Dunquin Pier, who witnessed the collapse, raised the alarm and GardaĆ­ immediately closed the road.

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