Finest Irish Imports on the Web

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Finest Irish Imports on the Web

Edel MacBride Scarves

Scarf handmade in Ireland Handmade scarves by world famous designer and star of RTE's Craft Master, Edel MacBride. These beautiful scarves are handmade in Ireland. These beautiful scarves are the perfect gift for someone who wants a scarf handmade in Ireland but doesn't want the itchiness of wool. They are made of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Each scarf measures approximately 70 inches by 10 inches. Order one of these scarves by world famous designer Edel MacBride before they are sold out.

John Molloy Irish Fisherman's Sweater

Irish Wool Fisherman's Sweater These beautiful Irish Fisherman's Aran Sweaters are 100% new wool. They are equally attractive for ladies or men. Complete with traditional aran designs, these crew neck 100% new wool sweaters are distinctive and elegant. Find your Irish wool sweater at A-Wee-Bit-of-Ireland.com. These Irish wool sweaters are hand crafted by John Molloy Ltd. of Adara, Donegal, Ireland. The company was founded by pioneering hand weaver and craftsman, John Molloy. John Molloy (Ardara) Ltd manufactures a range of Men's and Women's knitwear for export across the world.

Scottish Celtic Scarves

Scarf made in Scotland by the fine fiber company, Calzeat of Scotland. The Celtic heritage is strong in Scotland. These scarves are made in Scotland by the fine fiber company, Calzeat of Scotland. The design inspirations come from the many wonderful artifacts left by the ancient Celts. These artifacts were lavishly decorated with imaginative curvilinear, animal, bird and plant designs.

Crew Neck Irish Fisherman's Sweater

Irish Wool Fisherman's Sweater As seen on page 56 (contact information on page 152) in the August 2009 Issue of Martha Stewart Living. These beautiful Aran Fisherman's Sweaters are 100% new wool. They are equally attractive for ladies or men. Complete with traditional Aran designs, these crew neck sweaters are distinctive and elegant. Made by Tivoli Spinners in County Cork, Ireland. Hand Wash.

Mohair and Wool Throws from Ireland's oldest woolen mill, Avoca

Blue Ombre Throw by Avoca An Avoca Mohair throw is a real piece of Avoca history and if you've never wrapped yourself up in a Mohair throw, it's hard to get a sense of just how snuggly it is (that's the technical term for it.) The gorgeous colors are deep and vibrant. 100% Brushed Mohair, woven at the Avoca Mill in Avoca Village, Wicklow, Ireland.

Irish Ruana

Irish Celtic wool ruana made in Ireland The 17th Century Kerry Woollen Mills has been producing Fine Wools and Yarn for over 300 years. These garments combine traditional values with contempory styling.

What is a ruana? A ruana is like a cape but the front and back panels are of equal length and the sleeves are not stitched. This allows the wearer to throw one, or both, panels over the opposite shoulder. This Celtic Ruana by Kerry Woollen Mills is very soft and comfortable and is available in a one size fits all.

This web page shows how to wear a ruana.

Garden of Ireland

Garden of Ireland Sweet Lavender Lotions, Cologne and Soaps made in Ireland. Garden of Ireland Sweet Lavender Lotions, Cologne and Soaps. Lavender is one of the oldest perfume ingredients, a favourite since the time of the Greeks and Romans, who also valued its medicinal properties. Roman soldiers on campaign used to cultivate lavender as they went, using it to treat their wounds. Today lavender is highly prized for its soothing, healing and calming properties in aromatherapy. Not tested on animals.

Hanna Hats made in County Donegal, Ireland

Vintage Irish wool patch caps. Traditional caps and hats made in Ireland. Multiple colors. Irish hats. A Hanna Hat is a symbol of classic style and the timeless appeal of pure Irish tweed. Handcrafted in beautiful County Donegal from tweed woven exclusively for Hanna Hats, the reknowned quality and handsome styling of each hat is rooted in a family tradition of tailoring which stretches back three generations. Made from 100% wool, in the soft and muted shades of the rich Irish landscape. Each Hanna Hat is a unique piece of headwear which will become a treasured possession for life. For Irish wool hats, shop at A-Wee-Bit-of-Ireland.com online store.

More about the manufacturer of Hanna Hats is at http://www.hannahats.com/tweed/inspiration.html.

Fragrances from Ireland

Connemara Perfume

Connemara Perfume made in Ireland Connemara, a beautiful floral fragrance, is inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Connemara countryside, which is home to some of Ireland's most breathtaking views of islands, oceans and mountains. Connemara is based almost exclusively on oils from flowers rather than from fruits or woods, its main ingredients being rose, jasmin, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley and many more. Connemara perfume is packaged in timeless Celtic design, inspired by the fabulous illustrations of the Book of Kells, Ireland's famous masterpiece.

More Irish perfumes are available at the A-Wee-Bit-of-Ireland.com online store.


Field of lavender in Ireland Image used with permission from http://www.perfume.ie/ Lavender soaps and oils from Ireland. The photo of the field of lavender is used with permission from http://www.perfume.ie/


I don't sell yarn but on my recent trip to Ireland I found two great places that do, Kerry Woollen Mills and Spin a Yarn. They can answer your knitting questions as well as supplying you with fine Irish wool.

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